That Scary First Post

It happened all the time for me.

  1. Start a new blog
  2. Spent the whole morning tweaking themes, plugins
  3. Troubleshooting minor details like pagination, category, tagging
  4. Coming up with the best workflow for writing and updating posts on both PC and mobile
  5. Write first post
  6. Never touch blog again

I hope this time, step 6 will never come to pass. Things are a bit different now.

Hippocampus is basically my learning journal, a flash idea that came across my mind after joining on Mastodon. I suffered from inferiority complex for far too long that I haven't kept any proof of what I've accomplished. The proof is more for myself than for others - to silence my negative self talk and any fear I hold in regards to stumbling as a beginner in anything.

You may find that I mostly talk about programming, but I will share anything from hobbies, things overheard from neighbours, or random facts I heard from discovery channel playing in the background. I hope you enjoy.

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