Dokuwiki As A Blog

As you can see here, I settled with Dokuwiki as my blog choice.

If you are on Mastodon, you might have seen me repeatedly tooting about not wanting to blog with WordPress. It is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone who just want to get a platform going and publish straight away. However it's so easy to use I learn nothing from using it. On the other hand if I do dip my hand into customising WordPress, it's too complicated for my personal context.

Before I thought of keeping a blog as my learning journal however, I was going to use a wiki as a repository of knowledge. I like organising information with wiki links as much as browsing information with them. Yunohost happens to have better compatibility with Dokuwiki, which I've used in the past and enjoyed it. When I thought of blogging, I was delighted to find out that Dokuwiki has plugins for arranging pages into blogs.

It turned out a lot easier than fiddling with blog engines that don't play well with Yunohost, while I still get to use something vastly different from WordPress, as well as keeping the power of wiki.

It's three birds in one stone.

Specs for this particular wiki blog:

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