Things I missed in web front end since 2010

2010 was the year I finished my Bachelor degree and began my Honours thesis in web design, but not the underlying technology. It was essentially the year when I began to not code anymore.

I'm picking up Web Developer Bootcamp course on Udemy by Colt Steele with the intention of finishing it this month full time. I'm only going through HTML and CSS modules at the moment, haven't made it to JavaScript yet, and here are what I missed since I fiddled with HTML on my own:

  • HTML forms have built-in field validations;
  • MDN by Mozilla is the go-to documentation for all things web front end;
  • I used to use w3school before I knew about MDN. w3school is still great and has tutorials for more than HTML and CSS nowadays. It has tutorials on specific frameworks too;
  • CSS can select elements based on state such as hover, checked, and can select a particular unnamed tag by counting down, for example, the 3rd div;
  • CSS has grids built-in now, along with flexbox, making some frameworks obsolete;

I do have a pet peeve and a learning goal - to eventually “break out of the grid”. Grids have been an amazing system that ever appeared in web design, but now a lot of websites look the same. I've always wanted to create layouts that are non-linear, non-rectangular.

Wish me luck on that quest.

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