Sosig Counter 3

AKA That feeling when you have completely redesigned an app.

I was going to give up on Sosig Counter and settle for something else silly to hand in as my assignment. I was learning about CSS Grid and decided to make an image gallery for memes from friends. I encountered the same problem I had in my last Sosig Counter post.

File I/O. Both the image gallery and the list of habits involve reading a list off of a directory and rendering them onto the page. I can't do it with just client side script.

And then it occurred to me that I was being stalled by one same thing. If I keep the functions in my app completely client side, then I could at least get something done.

So I decided to remove the task list feature completely from Sosig Counter.

After all, the name only implies that it's a counter. It's not a Sosig List.

And with that I finally ended up somewhere. I ended up with this beauty in progress that I actually look forward to finish!

Unfortunately the grid layout didn't work as expected and that's something I'll work on tomorrow. For now though, hurray for parrots.

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